Amazon Affiliate Calculator/ Blog Income Calculator: How Much Traffic Does a Website Need to Make Money?

Calculate the Website Traffic Needed for Your Amazon Affiliate Income Goals (wait for calculator to load below):

(Two calculators provided so you can compare two different niches side-by-side.)

Product category/ niche and corresponding Amazon commissions sourced from Amazon website on Wednesday 4th November 2020:

  • Amazon Coins, and Luxury Beauty – 10.00%
  • Digital Music, Handmade, Physical Music, and Digital Videos – 5.00%
  • Physical Books, Automotive, and Kitchen – 4.50%
  • Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Amazon Fashion Women’s, Amazon Kindle Devices, Men’s & Kids Private Label, Amazon Cloud Cam Devices, Apparel, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, Amazon Echo Devices, Amazon Fire TV Devices, Ring Devices, Jewelry, Watches, Luggage, Handbags & Accessories, and Shoes – 4.00%
  • Toys, Home, Furniture, Home Improvement, Pets Products, Lawn & Garden, Pantry, Beauty, Headphones, Musical Instruments, Outdoors, Business & Industrial Supplies, Tools, Baby Products, and Sports – 3.00%
  • PC, DVD & Blu-Ray, and PC Components – 2.50%
  • Televisions, and Digital Video Games – 2.00%
  • Amazon Fresh, Grocery, Physical Video Games plus Video Game Consoles, and Health & Personal Care – 1.00%
  • Gift Cards; Alcoholic Beverages; Wireless Service Plans; Digital Kindle Products subscriptions; Food prepared & delivered from restaurants; Amazon Appstore Purchase; Prime Now Purchase; Amazon Pay Places Purchase; Prime Wardrobe Purchase; and Luxury Stores – 0.00%
  • All the Other Categories – 4.00%

Formula used in the calculator:

  • Monthly income / (Avg. product price * category commission % * average affiliate link CTR * average conversion rate) = required traffic
  • average affiliate link CTR means percentage of visitors clicking through affiliate link
  • average conversion rate means percentage of people who click through affiliate link then buy from Amazon
  • Very conservative numbers for CTR and conversion rate are 10% and 7.5%, respectively (applicable only to money pages, since they tend to have higher CTR and conversion rates, because they target buyer-intent keywords).
  • derived from Ahrefs.

Once you get the required traffic value, use a tool like Ahrefs to see if the money pages for competitors in that niche generate such amounts of traffic.

That will help you gauge the probability of achieving your income goals.